Residential Services

Your home needs to be a comfortable, safe and healthy haven for your family.

Whether your home is large or small, under construction, new or historic, Comfort Specialists knows how to take care of every detail. For new or existing homes, we conduct an energy evaluation, which provides accurate recommendations for your heating, cooling, and air filtration systems.

If your system is too small, you will not receive adequate heating and cooling. If the system is too large, you lose efficiency and the equipment lifespan is drastically shortened. It is very important to have a properly designed system right from the beginning.

New Construction

Comfort Specialists can meet with your builder or architect to design the most effective system for your entire home.


Existing Homes

Are you installing a new system or replacing an existing? Make sure that it is the right system? Comfort Specialists can help you select the proper solution for your needs!


Historical Homes

Don’t alter the beauty and integrity of historical structures with unsightly or inefficient systems. Comfort Specialists can pair you with the system that complements your stunning home.


Healthy Air Systems

Air purification systems protect your children and family from allergic reactions to excess pet dander and seasonal allergies. Learn more.


Boilers and Hot Water

Comfort Specialists offers a variety of boiler and water heaters to ensure your family enjoys a consistent flow of hot water. Ask us about the many benefits of the revolutionary tankless water heaters, which offer the best in comfort, energy efficiency, and convenience. Learn more.

Pool Heaters

Enjoy a consistently comfortable temperature in your pool with a quality heater from Comfort Specialists. Our heaters offer the ultimate in performance and efficiency so you can take full advantage of your outdoor oasis. Learn more.

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